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John Moorhead wrote this week, "Thank you for solving the mystery of the new sign that greets us as we enter Mallard Drive West. We will certainly thank Curt Hendrickson the next time we see him. Having a brand new sign certainly updates the status of 'who's who' on our lovely drive, but as I think about this, it is hard not to remember how that tradition started.
My father-in-law and your neighbor and friend, Vern Lundberg, got it all started as far back, or even farther, than 1972. Names were added as people moved in or out.
Having our names on a sign at the entrance of our drive is a great tradition and I am so glad that Curt has taken the time and shouldered the expense to keep it up."
* * * * *

Cindy Myre sent a lovely greeting card with her subscription. In addition to the message on the card, Cindy wrote, "Thinking of you as FALL approaches! Here comes the holidays, dear lady. Take care!!"
What a friend! I am assuming that Cindy feels that reminding me this early will prompt me to begin my holiday preparations before December 24! Others have tried, Cindy - but thank you!!
* * * * *
JoAnn Peterson, in renewing her subscription, wrote, "Had a great time on vacation up North! See you next year. Enjoy every issue of the paper."
* * * * *
Maxine Solberg also sent a note with her subscription renewal: "Look forward to the paper each week and wouldn't want to miss an issue!" She added that she did not get to the Old Settlers this year, but hopefully, next year. "See you then," she added.
* * * * *
I wonder if the Old Settlers "regulars," who never miss a reunion, realize how very, very much they are missed when they do not attend.
* * * * *
Kurt Goodwin sent this to share with your readers:
Civilization in 2018 - this is "priceless!"
? Our Phones - Wireless
? Our Cooking - Fireless
? Cars - Keyless
? Food - Fatless
? Tires - Tubeless
? Dress - Sleeveless
? Youth - Jobless
? Leaders - Shameless
? Relationships - Meaningless
? Attitudes - Careless
? Babies - Fatherless
? Feelings- Heartless
? Children - Mannerless
We are Speechless
Our Government is Clueless
Our Politicians are Worthless!
(Pollyanna that I am, I hope those statements aren't true - but I know that at least some of them have more than a ring of truth to them!)
* * * * *
Proverbs 3:5-6 - Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
* * * * *
Have a great week.


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