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Do not Print That!

By Terry Carlson


If there was a periodical entitled Spoiled Brat Magazine, I'm convinced each of the overwhelming majority of lawmakers at both the national and state levels would unquestionably qualify to be featured on its cover.
Whatever happened to electing our "best and brightest" to public office?
We all have a pretty good idea what a brat is. It's an ill-mannered, annoying child.
But a spoiled brat is a brat that also has power and influence. He or she lashes out when they don't get their way. When they are young, their parents, teachers, and other caregivers are all too ready to overindulge them in order to keep the peace, giving them everything they want, waiting on them hand and foot through their teen years, and filling their heads with a distorted view of reality, which leaves them with an ardent conviction that everything will and must go their way ­ or else. The old fashioned concept of teaching a child right from wrong took a backseat to appeasement.
As adults, they became narcissistic and constantly blame others for the problems and worries in their lives, and now go about devising ways in which they can control the lives of others in order to get their way.
As "adult" politicians, although they would never publicly admit it, they have contempt for the Constitution because, as our Rule of Law, it presents obstacles to micromanaging our lives.
Therefore, they subtly devise new ways to "get around it" by sneaking pieces of legislation into omnibus bills, hoping that no one notices or at least doesn't make a big deal about them. That way, the government can exert the type of controls the spoiled brats want over the lives of everyone else.
Adult spoiled brat politicians have also learned over time how to be persuasive, even charismatic, so as to convince the electorate that they are "on their side." But their campaigns mainly consist of concocting made-up irregularities in their opponents' pasts, going so far as to "expose" nonexistent scandals at the last minute before election day.
We the People were once able to see through such tactics, but the mass media being what it is today is able to create a barrage of disinformation through TV, newspapers, texting, and the internet to make the allegations seem true.
Yes, the mass media could also have its own knock-off publication, Spoiled Brat Media. Once called "The Fourth Estate", the press (and now all forms of media), while not formally recognized as a part of the political system, wields significant influence and once served as a watchdog over the government, exposing occasions when it overstepped its constitutional boundaries.
But today, the spoiled brats in the media rubber stamp whatever the spoiled brat politicians want ­ and omit news reports that are not in lock-step with the spoiled brat narrative.
I think its time We the People educate our politicians on the difference between right and wrong. It's our country, it's our state, and it's our community. Next year, 2022, there will be another midterm, or "off-year" election.
Time-outs won't work. They're too old for that.
Those lawmakers that have shown that they care more about being career spoiled brat politicians and prefer micro-controlling our lives over preserving our freedoms and rights, then it is our job to send them packing.


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