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I am going to have the Folstad family write a portion of the Chaos column this week. . .
This is a story about two people who found that anything you love with all your heart is worth fighting for with everything you have!
The last week in February fifty years ago, Hal Fuson and Kathy Folstad arrived in Soudan to get ready for their weekend wedding. They were both on active duty in the United States Air Force and drove all the way from Omaha, Nebraska in their convertible.
Upon their arrival they discovered that it took a week to get a marriage license and they did not have that kind of time. So they set to work finding a solution; however, that solution was not a simple one. You see, the only way they could get married in the church on Saturday was if they were legally married already and the only way they could do that fast enough was go to South Dakota.
So, before the sun was up they took off in that same convertible, with Clancy and Helen Folstad as the parents of the bride and the needed witnesses. It was a cold drive straight through to Sisseton, South Dakota. After filling out all the required paperwork with the clerk and changing into nicer clothing in the bathroom, the judge took a break from an ongoing murder trial to marry them on Thursday, February 29, 1968 (leap day).
Once all the Is were dotted and the Ts crossed, they set out for home. Somewhere along the way, Hal got a thump on the shoulder with a "pull over son." He quickly pulled over, worried something was seriously wrong, and was told, "It's damn cold back here. I'm driving," and that was that. Clancy and Helen took the front seat and the newlyweds moved to the back. It was a very cold drive in the snow back to Soudan. They took a slight nap and headed to Duluth on Friday morning to pick up the bridesmaid. They returned to Soudan and jumped into getting the food, church and people ready for the wedding the next day. This was the point when they discovered that Hal's suit had not arrived. Pastor Larner came to the rescue with a suit. (Helen said he looked quite dapper in it).
Like nothing had gone haywire, everything was ready and St. Paul's was beautiful. As it came time for the "I do," a little something was changed. They quietly said, "I did," and nobody noticed. They were married in St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Soudan on Saturday, March 2.
The reception was held downstairs with cake, all the food and lime Jello cottage cheese salad. (You can ask Hal his thoughts on that one).
After the festivities they returned to the home of Clancy and Helen for the night. As a send-off after a fun-filled week, the new Mr. and Mrs. Fuson went to church the next morning and sat in the front row.
It just goes to show you that a rocky start can turn into an amazing foundation - one that they all have leaned on.
* * * * *
My personal congratulations to Hal and Kathy on their Golden Wedding Anniversary. What a heartwarming story!
* * * * *
Oh - the answers to last week's quiz:


Mount Everest. It just wasn't discovered yet. (You are not very good at this are you?) That was not MY comment. It was included in the quiz answers.

None. There is no dirt in a hole.

* * * * *
Readers have really enjoyed these quiz questions. I will have a few more next week.
What do those seven words have in common? (Another question from last week). This is a REAL toughie! If you take the first letter of each word, place it at the end of the word, and then spell the word backwards, it will be the same word. (Now, that was really convoluted!)
* * * * *
Dr. David Bolka, who figured out the answer to the above question, sent another question for you readers, but he did not tell me the answer. So-o-o - until I get the answer from him, I cannot carry it! David???
* * * * *
I Peter 5:7 - Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.
* * * * *
Have a great week!


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