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David and Sherokee Ilse brought me a can of beer. I do not know if it came from Arizona or from some point along the way. Now, this is not an ORDINARY beer. It is brewed by the Surly Brewing Company of Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. It is "Surly's 60 Below Rye IPA (India Pale Ale.)"
The can reads "Brewed for the North" and the explanation reads, "There's cold, and then there's COLD. Teeth-chattering, extremity-numbing, eyelashfreezing cold.
"On February 2, 1996, the all-time state record low temperature was hit in Tower, MN. 60 Below, a hardy rye IPA, pays tribute to that mark and the unforgiving Minnesota winter. Enjoy it before frostbite sets in and turns those beer-holding fingers blue.
Best served . . . Cold."
It is a colorful can, with icicles encircling the top. A friend told me she had drunk a can of Surly's beer (NOT Surly's 60 Below, though) and that it was really good. In bragging about owning a can of "Surly's 60 Below" beer, I have suggested to a number of people that I should give the can of beer to someone, but ask that I get the empty can back. Most people nixed that idea, and thought it would be better if I kept the FULL can. (I am not one to waste anything, but - - - - I am still trying to decide.)
* * * * *
The mother and her baby ducks spent many hours huddled on the big rock a short distance from the shore. They came daily for about ten days but I have not seen them since. I know about muskies eating ducks, but I refuse to even consider that "my" ducks met such a horrible fate.
* * * * *
After the bear demolished my birdfeeder, I did not get another one for a number of weeks. I finally purchased another feeder - not a ritzy one such as my daughter and her husband had given me, but a regular "tube" feeder. There were a lot of instructions included with the feeder. When I thought that finally the bear would have gone on "to greener pastures" for his meals, I filled the feeder and hung it up. The instructions had warned that it could take as long as six weeks for the birds to "discover" the new feeder.
It did not take that long, but the number of "visitors" was almost nil - one or two visiting infrequently. After a couple of days, I awakened one morning to find the feeder on the ground, quite some distance from where it had hung. I know that it was not the bear. He would have destroyed it. It must have been a raccoon. So, I will be bringing the feeder inside every night AGAIN!! It takes about two minutes to retrieve the feeder, but I really RESENT having to go through that procedure every evening.
I keep telling myself that these creatures are just doing what they are meant to do - finding food. They are not being vicious or mean - just surviving, like all of us! I keep telling myself that - but I am not LISTENING!)
* * * * *
Here is a good bit of advice from Tom Tellepsen: If a marketer calls, give the phone to your three-year-old and tell her it is Santa.
* * * * *
Our Tower News photographer is well known for her excellent pictures. She gets many compliments. However, she REALLY outdid herself when she got a picture of the F-16 "fly over" on the Fourth. She will NEVER be able to top that!
* * * * *
Ephesians 5:20 - Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
* * * * *
Have a great week!


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