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We are starting to find out what kind of a governor Tim Walz is going to be for Minnesota. He started his term with an estimated $1.5 billion surplus, though that figure is rapidly shrinking and will probably end up around a billion.
His budget calls for spending in the next two years to go from $45.5 billion to $49.5 billion. This means that every one of the 5,611,170 Minnesotans from the 2017 count will have to ante up around $300. So, where does the money come from? Well, Gov. Walz apparently doesn't like it that Minnesota has been in the middle as far as gas taxes. His budget calls for raising the tax on gasoline 20 cents per gallon, which would cost the average Minnesotan around $156 a year. Oh yeah, this would also let Minnesota jump over other states to be included in the top five states in gas tax. Whoa, he isn't done, yet. He wants to raise the registration fees for your vehicles. A $28,000 truck would pay an additional $105.
Now, Gov. Walz has some good ideas, maybe. According to reports from the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation, our roads and bridges are falling down and despite a bill previously passed to take care of the roads and bridges, they are still in rotten repair. Sounds like those who passed the bills weren't doing their jobs.
By the way, the state of Minnesota's revenue in 2017 was higher than any year previously. The state's expenditure in 2017 was higher than in all but one of the previous years.
Yeah, our governor and Legislature, both Democrat (DFL) and Republican, they do know how to spend money.
I told a former state representative that if I could figure a way to double their revenue, immediately, that in two years they would still be broke. Am I right?
Wow, we now have an attorney general for Minnesota who has been accused, many times, of assaulting his girlfriend and others. Then we have a U.S. representative, a Muslim, who issues anti-semitic statements and refuses to apologize. Yeah, they are both Dems, but that doesn't seem to matter.
The trouble is, with the left-leaning media out there, some of these people can get by with anything. Of course, we also had Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh who had a darn near perfect resume. Our esteemed senator Amy, who now wants to be president, blasted him in front of his wife and children in what should have been a highlight of his life, but then she backed A.G. Ellison. Talk about a hypocrite. It seems that it doesn't matter if you're right or wrong, but which party you belong to.
Of course, Pres. Trump has done a fantastic job, but he also has to answer for having the deficit grow and having our balance of payments grow.
I think we need a national balanced budget amendment and term limits. That won't happen, though. Face it, where would some of those empty heads find a real job.
The good news is that winter is ending. Temperatures are rising, life is good.

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor
Congratulations to the citizens of Greenwood Township who voted to re-elect Carmen DeLuca and Pam Rodgers in yesterday's election. You have performed a huge service to the township by electing people who place the interests of our township first. Please continue to minimize those who are interested only in the acquisition of power and seek to sow the seeds of dissension!
Steve Rodgers,
Greenwood Township