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The nation went into a depression last week over another mass shooting of our children in schools. They can do all the research, take polls, make studies, etc. to try and find out why anybody would go into a school to shoot unarmed, little kids, but they will never come up with the answer.
I am disgusted with the hypocritical politicians who jump on the bandwagon asking for the banning of guns. They get a lot of press, but banning guns won't stop the shootings.
Guns don't kill, people do and we have to find a way to identify those evil scum before they start shooting. We have to face it that there are some evil people in this world and no one really knows why they are. Some blame the lack of a family life, lack of parental guidance, being picked on at school, being bullied, etc. None of those reasons are good enough for shooting at innocent children.
As for the banning of guns, you have to read the Second Amendment to our Constitution. "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of the State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be INFRINGED."
There is a reason that amendment came right after the First Amendment guaranteeing the right of free speech. These early Americans could still remember living under a dictatorship monarchy. They knew that if they weren't careful, the same could come to this new country. Having arms could scare off any potential dictatorship. All the Gun Control Advocates don't seem to realize that.
Do you know who would love the banning of guns? The criminals of this country. They would find guns no matter what, but the honest, peaceful citizens wouldn't.
Of course our politicians would love for us to ban guns. They wouldn't have to be afraid of the people.
In the meantime, we the people have to keep our eyes and ears open. When we see or hear something bad, we have to report it and hopefully the authorities will do their jobs. Many school districts are teaching the students how to fight back. They have ways to lock the doors to stop intruders and they are taught to fight back, not just lie there and get shot.
I think that if the media would stop publishing the pictures and names of these people who have no future, that would help.
Now, if we could get the politicians to stop jumping on the bandwagon to get some free press as they shout down guns.
We do have to pray for these youngsters who were cut down in the prime of their life. What a waste.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
My grandson, Isaiah, who is substitute teaching at North Woods, plus doing some paraprofessional work and helping in the weight room, is enjoying the North Country. He is planning on going to veterinary school next year, but for the winter he is with us. He also helps out at Moosebirds. Anyway, Isaiah loves the outdoors and hunting and the other day as he drove along Highway 24, he was surprised to see a pack of around five wolves going down the highway. Heck, I thought they were extinct. He had seen some youngsters playing outdoors and went back to warn them, but they were already inside.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
The Russia probe over the fake dossier that Hillary and the DNC paid for is dying. There have been some charges against some Russians, but Trump has been exonerated. Of course now they are finding ties to Hillary's campaign. She should have left things alone and gone into retirement and $100,000 speeches. Be careful what you ask for.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
The snow came back this week and there are reports of two snowfalls totaling 12-14 inches. The temperatures have gone up, though. Have a good week.

Letters to the Editor

Please examine the following 20 questions, which I feel are valid and may quell Trump euphoria.
1) Isn't it true that when Obama took office the stock market was at approx. 7,000 following the Bush era mortgage debacle, and when he left office it was up to 16,000 and rising?
2) Isn't it true that according to the fact checkers Trump had over 200 lies in one year while Bush had only 12 lies in 8 yrs. and Obama had 10 lies in 8 yrs? I can't imagine what Trump will end up with in 4 yrs., or heaven forbid in 8 yrs.
3) Don't you think Trump would have sued to remove, not only pants, but also the rest of the clothes off the 12 women accusers that came forth with sexual harassment claims against him if he could prove they were lying? After all, Trump is sue happy and he promised to do just that.
4) How come he hasn't sued the prostitute (Stormy Daniels) that alleges she was paid $130,000 in 2016 right before the election to keep her quiet about their affair? His attorney claims he made the payment. I wonder who reimbursed him?
5) Wouldn't it be neat to have a tape recording of a tea party involving Al Franken, Bill Clinton, Garrison Keillor, Harvey Weinstien, Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore and Trump? What could they possibly discuss as a topic of interest?
6) Don't you feel sorry for Trump's wife as she hears more and more of Donald's escapades with other women and what he says and does from day to day? When you realize you are only one of his many female encounters it's disheartening, to say the least.
7) Don't you think that Trump considering Romney as a possible Sec. Of State was nothing but a big farce? He was shown on TV taking him out to dinner to discuss the job. Didn't he say Mitt cost the Republican Party the Presidency when he lost to Obama and he was nothing but a big loser?
8) What do you think of appointing Betsy DeVos as Sec. Of Education? She's a billionaire who pushes for private schools and the expansion of charter schools. She's against public schools.
9) Don't you think Trump practically hugging and kissing the leader of China on his recent trip there was hypocrisy at its highest level? After all, he said China was raping the U.S. and their leader was a big crook.
10) Don't you think Trump asking Congress now to pay for a border wall costing approx. 20 billion is absurd? During the campaign he said Mexico would pay for every penny of it, guaranteed. He said it would be "OH SO EASY."
11) Why won't Trump release his income tax statements from the past few years? Is he afraid we'll find out he hasn't paid his fair share in relation to the billions he claims he makes?
12) Do you think it's right for the leader of the Free World, our President Trump, to refer to the African and Haitian countries as s - - t countries and should not be welcome in the USA?
13) Do you think it was Trump's voice and Trump himself coming off the infamous Billy Bush bus? Another big lie, he said it wasn't. Voice experts say it was Trump. Where did he say he like to grab women? It's quite strange that Donald has said his favorite book is the Bible. Is there a King Donald version that condones this type of behavior?
14) Why is Trump afraid to meet Robert Mueller face to face with no holds barred? What is he trying to hide? If he has nothing to hide as far as any collusion and/or obstruction of justice go concerning Russia, of which he keeps reminding the press, he would gladly meet with Mueller so he could be completely exonerated and gain much needed respect. Almost all of Trump's associates, etc. have been grilled by the Mueller team now. What they have found out will be very interesting. Evidently, Trump is getting worried because he overrode his hand picked (Republican) Deputy Attorney General and Rep. FBI head concerning the release of the Rep. Memo. They both said the memo was onesided and slanted, misleading, cherry picked, lacking important info, could possibly affect our national security, and should not be released. Trump thinks the memo will stop the Mueller investigation, but the Senate and House both said they want to make sure no foreign country interferes with our elections, compromises our democracy and that lives given by soldiers and others weren't in vain.
15) Do you think the tax cuts were slanted in favor of the rich and famous? Most financial experts say they do with the middle class second fiddle.
16) Do you think CNN, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNBC, PBS, the Tower News and the Timberjay are Fake News? Trump does. Without this so-called "Fake News" we'd be left in the dark as to what is happening in the World, USA and right here in our own backyards.
17) Do you think the American public and our Armed Forces are in favor of Trump putting on a military parade costing approx. 20 million dollars? Top military brass said they could use that money instead for much needed supplies. Don't forget the homeless and starving people too. Trump doesn't need to gloat and show off like they do in N. Korea and Russia.
18) Didn't Trump say one of the first things he would do as Pres. Is to "lock her (Hillary) up?"
19) Don't you think Trump has done a terrible job of filling election staff and administrative positions? Some of these shoddy characters (Manaford, Bannon, Papadolphalis, Flynn, Kushner, Porter, etc.) may end up in prison.
20) How can Trump get by with allowing some of these characters access to see and discuss top secret (super) sensitive national security material having only temporary FBI clearances? Isn't this illegal? (More trouble for Trump!)
I really do applaud Trump on two important fronts: 1) Working hard to bring U.S. companies and some foreign ones back to the USA to conduct their business here and 2) Extending as much help to Israel as possible to maintain their independence because they are "God's Chosen People."
Thank you
Daryl Lamppa