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Will 2019 be different? NO. The Democrat socialists have the U.S. House and won't pass a measly $5 billion bill to protect our southern borders. Of course, around 10 years ago, about half the Dems in Congress were for such a wall. Their goal now is to get rid of Pres. Trump, the man that this nation legally elected president over the two idiots the other party put up. Why can't they just realize they lost and get on with their jobs? They were upset when George W. Bush knocked off Al Gore. Now they yell "impeachment." If what they think they had against Trump were true, it isn't a fraction of what Bill Clinton did or his wife, Hillary. How about investigating the Clinton Foundation and find what the two heads of the Clinton Crime Family did to get all that money. By the way, the donations have dwindled to next to nothing since Hillary went down in defeat.
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The year 2019 will be interesting, but nothing will really happen with our legislatures, both in Minnesota and D.C. Minnesota has a new governor, one who isn't on drugs for his health. He will most likely wipe out the commissioners from Gov. Dayton. He has control of the House, but don't hold your breath, the 2019 Legislature will wind up with little accomplished. Polymet will keep creeping along, but I have doubts that dirt will be moved. These politicians won't take a hard stand on this. They are scared of the environmentalists. As far as Twin Metals, don't hold your breath. It does make you wonder why the East Range votes overwhelmingly for the Social Democrats and none of those elected stand up for them
Ain't life great?
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In the meantime, we are "Living the Dream" in northern Minnesota. Happy New Year.

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor
Dear Phyllis,
I read with interest the article by Roberta G. in this week's paper. Being 100% Swedish and growing up in an area of Minnesota that was mostly Swedish or Norwegian, I'd like to add my 2 cents worth. Example: LefsA is Swedish, LefsE is Norwegian. I don't know why. In Sweden when a child is born, if the father's name was Gunder, the child's (last) name would become Gunderson, meaning simply that he was Gunder's son. John's son would become Johnson. That was not the case in Norway, but I do know that back a century or more ago there was great animosity between the people of the two countries. While Roberta didn't say if her in-laws hailed from Norway, my guess is that they were indeed Norwegian.
Marilyn Mueller
P.S. I sent this to my friend, Gun-Marie in Sweden for her opinion. Here is her response: She has done tours (I met her and her husband through Mary Batinich) but Gun-Marie also owns and operates a business called Culture & Kin. They have also been here and I hosted them one afternoon along with a number of the teachers from Sweden several years ago.
"Yes. You are so right, Marilyn, about Lefsa och Lefse. Also with the naming pattern. Around turn of the century 1800/1900 it changed, Bestest to you,


Open Letter

A Thank You from a volunteer Vermilion Penguin Snowmobile Club trail groomer operator. On the afternoon of Thursday, January 3, my Bear Cat snowmobile and trail drag got stuck in the snow on the side of the trail. Along comes Rod Lundstrom and his daughter, Kendra, with great help to assist me in getting "unstuck" and upright. Thanks, Rod and Kendra, for the help!
Don Johnson