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The Minnesota Fishing Opener was last Saturday and though I didn't do any fishing, I did think about the good ol' days when I was in high school in River Falls, Wis., and the good old Kinnickinnic River flowed through town to the St. Croix River which flowed into the Mighty Mississippi by Prescott. Fishing opener was a big event for the guys in our high school. No, I don't remember any girls fishing back then.
We really got prepared for the opener, starting weeks in advance. We would take out our meager fishing tackle, check the line, make sure we had bobbers and sinkers. The rich kids in town had fancy fly rods or some of the newer spinning rods. I had a bait casting rod and then saved the money for a spinning rod. I sold worms for 25 cents a hundred, mowed lawns with a push mower, no motor. Did gardening, you name it. If we wanted something, we had to find a way to earn the money. Kind of different today.
The day arrived and we headed to the Kinnickinnic where we would cast our first line out exactly at a minute past midnight. It was dark, but that didn't stop us. We did build bonfires so we could cook the fish we caught. Of course we seldom caught any trout, but did catch suckers. No, they didn't taste that good. Those were some memorable nights, sitting by the campfire, praying for a fish to bite and hoping we didn't lose any lures. As I got older, I went with my uncle Sonny to Sucker Lake, Horse Lake and others around us. We started out renting a wooden rowboat and rowed it out. Then Sonny bought a used outboard and we thought we were doing great. We fished for northern pike and used minnows that we netted ourselves.
My dad, Willard, took us fishing at Hudson, even though he didn't care for it much. He almost fell in once and, of course, we laughed.
Growing older, I had many fishing outings on 6-Mile Lake outside Hibbing, with my son, Guy, daughter, Jodi, and wife, Edna. We did quite good there. Then there were the fishing trips with my grandchildren and they were probably the best.
Now, I hope a lot of you readers are starting to reminisce about your fishing trips with buddies, family, children and grandchildren. The fishing wasn't always the best, but the memories were.
Just remember, you never have a bad day fishing. The memories will be with you forever.
* * * * * *
I have to read a lot of newspapers as the publisher of a few, so I do try to keep up on the goings-on of the world. The trouble is, reporters today just aren't as good as they used to be. Instead of reporting what was going on, too many report on what they think is going on. This coverage leaves a lot untold.
I do have some questions I would like answered, though. I would like to hear from anyone who went to college with Barack Hussein Obama. I would like to hear from anyone who graduated with him. How about a picture of his wedding with Michelle? He went on to post graduate school, so how about hearing from anyone who had a class with him. If they make a presidential library for Obama, it most likely won't be very big since there doesn't seem to be any recorded history.
The reason I bring this up is because the reporters are going crazy reporting on everything and anything that Pres. Donald Trump has ever done. They know about his dates 15 years ago and if he paid them off. They know everything about Pres. Donald, his kids and their spouses. That is OK, but I still have my Obama questions.
* * * * * *
Don't be surprised if the fake Russian probe by Mueller fades away. He has spent over $150 million and hasn't found a thing. You would think he would have found something. The trouble is, the whole Mueller probe is run by left-leaning attorneys, including Mueller. They have their agenda and that isn't to find the truth. Now there are high-ranking Dems who are wishing it would fade away.
Heck, you would think those senators and representatives would have other work to do. H-m-m-m-m-.
* * * * * *
Most of you probably think it is time to go fishing or even play a round of golf. The weather is great so why not????

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