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This past week has seen the spotlight on the United States Supreme Court. The Court first made headlines when they voted on a 5-4 basis that government workers, such as school teachers, don't have to belong to a union even if the union represents others. This will cause some problems for the bookkeepers in school districts regarding from whom they will deduct union dues.
This ruling is a big blow to unions and especially the Democratic Party. Unions were definitely needed years ago and they still are needed as a threat so businesses don't take advantage of their workers. The trouble is, for a lot of unions their main purpose seems to be sending money out to Democratic politicians. It doesn't seem to matter what the rank and file feels about funding political races, either.
Then the big news is that Justice Kennedy, who was known as the "swing" vote for the Supreme Court, gave notice he is retiring. He was probably one of the few justices who tried to actually follow the law when making judgments and not going for one party or the other. The Democrats and extreme liberals are up in arms. They can't stand the fact that Pres. Donald Trump will be appointing another justice and this one could swing the court to a 6-3 margin on conservative issues. They even have some Dems who feel a decision should be held off until Trump is out of office. That is a joke, of course.
From what I have garnered, Judge Brett Kavanaugh will get the nod. He clerked for Justice Kennedy and seems to have the lead. This pick will have Democrats, Socialists, Communists, etc. upset. Nancy Pelosi will probably have to go to a spa to come out of this. Schumer will probably be hospitalized.
What they don't realize is what they think a judge will be like isn't always the case. Look back over the years.
You would think that it wouldn't matter. The justices just interpret the laws and you would think they would all come to the same answer. Apparently some read differently.
This will put the Mueller Russian probe on the back burner. Nothing happens there anyway, except these people playing at probing a fake dossier paid for by Hillary and the Democrats will continue to get paid.
* * * * * * * * * *
In the meantime, we have some wild elections going on here and in Minnesota. There is a race for governor and the Democrats have put up some lightweights. The Republican candidate will most likely be former Gov. Tim Pawlenty. He will be hard to beat.
Then for the 8th District, the Republicans, with Pete Stauber as their candidate, would seem to have the inside track. The Democrats and their unions are apparently pushing Jason Metsa, but he faces four challengers, including Michelle Lee who would seem to have the Duluth vote. Others running are North Branch Mayor Kirsten Kennedy, Bemidji activist Soren Sorenson, and Joe Radinovich. They will all spend a lot of money in the primaries.
Stauber, on the other hand, has the solid support of Pres. Trump who came to Duluth to show his support and drew a standing-room-only crowd. Stauber has said he will live in Minnesota and go to Washington, D.C., when Congress is in session.
* * * * * * * * * *
Then we have the District 4 St. Louis County Commissioner's race to replace Tommy Rukavina who is retiring due to health reasons. Dan Manick of Cook is running a strong race with his army of family, including grandkids, helping him. Former St. Louis County Deputy Sergeant Bernie Mettler is working hard and becoming well known. He is from Embarrass. Then we have Ely Junior College Coach Paul McDonald who is also well known for his refereeing. He has a lot of followers. Christine Schlotec of Britt is another candidate and this will be her first race.
Other candidates are Mike Forsman Jr. of Ely, son of former commissioner Mike Forsman Sr., Paul Kess and former Ely mayor Roger Skraba. This could be interesting.
A few have come in for interviews, but some seem scared of me. Wow!
* * * * * * * * * *
We have a lot of politics coming up. Don't ask me to endorse anyone. The last time I did that, I endorsed former Sheriff Greg Sertich who was virtually unbeatable and down he went.
Get informed and be sure to vote.
* * * * * * * * * *
Wow, the weather is great up here in God's Country.

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