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The climate control gurus who think that everything humans do is affecting our weather have come out with reports that the warm weather this year is bad. Apparently, just as the seemingly unseasonably warm winter weather has many Northlanders happy, walleyes want it cold, and if we have too warm of weather with not as much ice, this harms the walleye population. So, who will get blamed for this warm weather, the SUVs, the furnaces, industry, or what?
Sometimes it seems that things like that have to be brought up so more grants can be sought and more blame put out. I do hope that we don't get blamed for the many tornadoes that swept through Missouri, Kentucky and several other states.
Reports are now coming out of Afghanistan that the country is going back to the old ages and their economy has pretty much broken up. This all happened after Biden/Harris took our troops out, overnight, leaving many civilians and even troops to face the terrorist Taliban who quickly took over that Third World country after Biden/Harris took off without worrying about those who were left behind. You may have noticed that the major media has ignored the situation in that troubled country since we bugged out. It appears that the action there was just another boondoggle from our current ad-ministration. At least the Taliban has some weapons since we left billions of dollars worth of weapons and vehicles there after the "bug out."
Another brilliant move by Crazy Joe and "whatshername."
There is bad news out there for our president and his so-called vice president. Their approval rating has really nosedived. One recent poll has only 28 percent of Americans approving of the job they are supposedly doing. The fact that inflation is going rampant doesn't help them. Heating costs have hit many Americans harshly with costs up 60 percent or more. Grocery prices are flying high, as are building supplies. All this has to make you wonder if anyone is really in control in Washington, D.C., or if Joe is still huddled down in his basement.
The state of the economy has many Democrats quite worried. The election for all members of the House of Representatives will happen next November and they realize that they may lose control of the House. Also, a third of the Senate is up for grabs and that doesn't look too great for the party of Biden and Pelosi. The one thing that national media doesn't report is that Republicans seem to have gained two-thirds of the state legislatures around this country.
It looks like we Americans can look forward to an interesting year in 2022. Of course, in New York, there is a move to allow illegal immigrants to vote. Surprise, who would have thought they would have come up with something like that? Of course, Biden's border policy has allowed between a million and a half and 2 million illegals into this country through our southern border. Will they get the right to vote, someday soon? They can now enter this country without being vaccinated for COVID, unlike our own people, so who knows.
I have noticed that many residents up north who used to be staunch Dems are now wondering what is going to happen to this country. They should!
State Senator Tom Bakk has many wondering. He is showing a lot of common sense. Of course, he is now an Independent who seems to support the Republicans. Now he wants to take the tax away from Social Security since our state has a huge surplus, thanks to COVID. Keep it up, Tom.
The good news is that Christmas is fast approaching. Many up here still remember what Christmas is really all about. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus.

Letters to the Editor

Scientists being deplatformed for independent coronavirus findings
Have you ever changed your mind about anything? Have you ever changed a strongly held opinion, after hearing civil, rational arguments to the contrary? Please read on, if you think it's even possible to do so.
Just a hunch, but I'm pretty sure that if anyone had tried to convince the German public in the early to mid-30s, that the Nazi takeover and holocaust would happen, it would not have worked. We all know what actually happened, but I'm guessing that if you could time travel and present the scenario, you would be met with "That could never happen, it's impossible." Now, if you tell most people that the COVID-19 vaccine is dangerous, and that millions of people could die from it, you get a similar response. How could all the doctors and hospitals be either mistaken or lying? If you only listen to mainstream media and politicians, you won't get differing opinions, they are being censored. Any opinion that does not support mass vaccination is discounted, and its proponents vilified. Highly respected doctors and PHD scientists are being deplatformed. What happened to debate? What happened to freedom of speech? Is censorship OK if "they" think what someone is saying is "misinformation" or "disinformation"? Who determines what that is? In George Orwell's novel 1984, the dystopian Big Brother government had a "Ministry of Truth". AOC has suggested that we abolish the free press, and have a government press, sounds like Russia or China to me. Censorship is already happening, but Amy Klobuchar is proposing a new bill to make it legal in an emergency. Who decides what an emergency is?
If you think that it's even possible that there is more to the Corona virus story than what is being covered in the mainstream media, do some research of your own. If you don't know where to start, I have some suggestions. Search YouTube for "Physician of Presidents Takes a Big Risk" and hear what Doctor Vladimir Zelenko has to say. He has successfully treated over 7,000 COVID patients, Anthony Fauci has treated zero. It's not only "Republican wacko Trumpers" who are questioning vaccine safety, check out Children's Health Defense, founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., definitely not a Republican. I could go on, there are many websites, but I'll suggest 3 more, please educate yourself. Search for, they had an excellent presentation in Kansas City in November, with many doctors and lawyers, as well as a recovered patient and Billy Graham's grandson preaching. It's relatively long, but you can watch in segments, and it's well worth seeing. Also, checkout, with Del Bigtree. He has a new program every week, as well as archives and references. Epoch Times has online articles as well as delivered newspapers available. They have covered many events that the mainstream media are ignoring, such as massive anti-vaccine mandate protests around the world.
One more quick fact to get you thinking. VAERS stands for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. It is operated by the CDC, and you can check it out online, although it is not very user friendly. According to VAERS, 9,157 deaths have been reported from all vaccines in the first 30 years of the system. In less than 2 years, 19,532 deaths have been reported from the COVID-19 vaccine.
Lauren and Lawrence Aho
Ely Minnesota


Emergency Medical Services in our area
The Dec. 2nd presentation and discussion about Emergency Medical Services in our area by Virginia Fire & Ambulance Chief Allen Lewis and Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr. Julie Houle of Ely was very informative. The audience participation was really good, as was the article about the meeting, "Educate - Fund - Change - Survive" in last week's Tower News. lt's good that the Greenwood Town Board requested the meeting.
To me, the meeting demonstrated that a regional approach needs to be taken in order to work at providing the best possible emergency medical ambulance services to our population. Chief Lewis and many of us agree that the best starting point is to contract with a professional consulting firm to study the region as a whole and to issue a report, along with recommendations. lt's possible that there will be funding for the study from sources such as the IRRR and St. Louis County, along with funding from cities and townships who want to participate. My suggestion would be to invite participation from entities covering a wide swath from Virginia to Ely. Presently this entire area depends heavily upon Virginia for Advanced Life Support ambulance service.
We're all in this together, and I believe that a professional study with recommendations is the best start at some solutions.
Lee Peterson
Greenwood Township