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It is apparently time to celebrate.
America's longest-ever war is coming to an end. The Obama Afghanistan war is around 12 years old and after sacrificing over 3,000 young American lives, Crazy Joe Biden and his hidden running mate, Harris, have decided that we should run home with our tails between our legs. This is another example of letting politicians with no military service records try to run a war. LBJ did it in Vietnam and we were run out of that country under Richard M. Nixon. Now we are leaving a country that no one has ever been able to control. Oh yeah, we did leave the Taliban a treasure trove of modern weapons. That happens when you make a run for it.
Many feel we should never have gone to Afghanistan. The U.S.S.R. tried it and were run out, so we had to take a chance. The trouble is, when these wars that are entered into on a political basis are started, there usually is no real plan on how to win. The big goal is to get headlines. We should learn.
In the meantime, the NEW Covid type virus is hitting the country and panic is reigning. Now the CDC (Center for Disease Control) thinks we should get a third vaccine shot. There have been reports that around 40 percent of the members of the CDC haven't gotten shots. I wonder if that is true. I do get nervous when our government decides to mandate that we get shots, stay at home, stop working, wear masks, etc. The governmental bureaucrats have done such a GOOD job taking care of us.
Of course, Biden/Harris don't seem too worried about the 100,000 plus illegals coming through our southern border from all over the world with a reported third of them having Covid. They aren't quarantined, either. Our powers that be just send them around the country to spread the disease. They don't even have to get the vaccines.
I would blame Biden, but face it, he has little knowledge of what is going on. His handlers, whoever they may be (probably Pelosi and Schumer), and his wife are running the country. This happened back in the 1900s under Woodrow Wilson when he was hospitalized and his wife was actually running the country.
You have to remember, the people of this country, or supposedly so, elected a man suffering from dementia and his running mate, an attorney from California who never received a single vote in the primaries for president. Elections have consequences and we get who we vote for. I wonder how many would say they didn't vote for Biden/Harris now, especially with gasoline climbing over three bucks a gallon, up a dollar after eight months of Biden. Then they get to go to the grocery store and see steaks going for $15 to $20 a pound, new cars and trucks hard to find, and businesses unable to find help.
Next year's election, when the entire House of Representatives is up for re-election plus a third of the Senate, should be interesting. By the way, Donald Trump has already amassed over a hundred million if he wants to run for president. Also, the newest report shows Barack Hussein Obama, who was nearly broke when he went into the White House, is now worth $80 million. He did great on his $400,000 a year salary. Of course, the Clintons were poor and now that Bill is out of the White House, he is worth over a billion bucks. LBJ didn't do badly, either.
Biden now has four homes and thanks to son Hunter, he is building up his bank account.
Remember Harry S. Truman? When he left the White House, he went out to his car and drove back to Missouri.
Well, they seem to have gotten Cuomo in New York; who is next? Yes, I know they keep trying to find things on former Pres. Donald Trump, but with all the resources they used, all they get are headlines from liberal newspapers and TV stations. Think about it.
Now, the real news is the heat and lack of rain. Though we have had some nice rainstorms lately. Rivers are low and many have not had to mow their lawns. Cities are asking residents to conserve water. This will end, but when?
Go out fishing and enjoy this country up here. Sooner or later our politicians will want to take complete control of us up here, too. Have a good week.

Letters to the Editor

Three questions for Councilors Norby and Setterberg
In letters concerning the TAAS posted in both local newspapers last week, Tower Councilors Norby and Setterberg stated: "We encourage all people that are submitting stories or editorials to reach out to the appropriate officials to seek clarity and completeness of the information to which they are disseminating."
That's fair, so I'll give it a try with a few relevant questions and expect the Councilors to submit their answers to the newspapers this week.
The City's longtime auditing firm, Walker Giroux & Hahne has commented about the status of the various City funds in several of its " MANAGEMENT LETTERS" contained in its audits over the years. For example, the MANAGE-MENT LETTER for 2018 states "Since the ambulance department is aggregated with the General Fund on the financial statements, it has indirectly financed some of the capital project funds' deficits."
To put it into perspective, page 39 of the 2020 Audit simply states that the Ambulance Special Revenue fund is "Due $737,648 From Other Funds", while the Historic Harbor Renovation Projects Fund is "Due $623,019 To Other Funds". In other words, the TAAS ambulance earnings have been spent on City projects such as the harbor complex that are not related at all to the Ambulance Service, the result being that the Ambulance fund, while showing $737,648, has actually been emptied. The City is responsible for this and it has caused the TAAS to be in financial distress. Note that the townships in the TAAS did not create this problem.
Question 1.
Is the City going to restore the $737,648 to the TAAS fund? (It certainly should)
Question 2.
Does the City trust the findings of its Auditor? (l do)
Question 3.
Has the City received any cash down-payments on the planned $400,000 - $450,000 townhouses that are part of the Harbor Project?
Be assured that I am not the only one interested in the answers, and I think the expectation of answers is very fair and relevant. They're just "yes" or "no" questions.
Lee Peterson
Greenwood Township